Wednesday, May 9, 2012

4th qtr blog 4 book trailer

    This is a book trailer that shows a preview of the book in the beginning.  It sets the stage for a movie if they were ever going to make one.  I like how it has the background as Sam flipping a burger at his job because he was a college drop out which is essential to show the importance of his situation.  It has the two voices of Sam and his best friend Ramon which is cool because it makes it more like a realistic movie trailer.  I also liked how this trailer contains the exact words from the story which make it better as well.  Some of the other book trailers that i have seen for this book have been either poorly made or are just whats on the back of the book.  This one was really awesome and I would be so excited if they made a movie using the beginning of this book trailer!  Also, there is supposed to be a sequel and hopefully they make a cool book trailer for it!

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