Wednesday, May 9, 2012

final blog ever!!!! Hold Me Closer Necromancer Review

    Overall, this book was pretty fantastically written!  Aside from the extreme weirdness of some of the events in the book, I really enjoyed it.  There is a quote on the front cover said by Sherman Alexie, "This is a SCARY funny book OR a FUNNY scary book.  In either case,it is a GREAT book. I LOVE IT."  That pretty much sums up how awesome this book is if Sherman Alexie's quote is on the front.
    In more detail, I really liked how Sam develops as a character throughout the book.  I don't want to give too much away because i highly recommend reading this book, but he starts out as a college drop-out that is a fry cook at a restaurant.  He then discovers his true powers when a necromancer (can bring people up from the dead) named Douglas points out that Sam has the same power as well.  If you didn't notice, that is a pretty big change of events I would say, which gives this book its unique touch that keeps the reader glued to the book asking for more.  I'm pretty sure that there is a sequel that is coming out as well.  I cannot wait to read that!
    My final blog is now complete.  I liked the assignment of blogging more and more as the year went on and hopefully my future teachers will assign some kind of homework that relates to blogging.  It really shows how technology gets involved in our lives and I would much rather blog than type a 5 page essay about some boring topic.  Thank you for assigning blogs this year, Mrs. Hayes, and have fun teaching wherever you're going next year!

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